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5 Easy Tips for Buying Great Hail Leads

  • 5/13/2014
  • 11:05 PM
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When I started out working in the roofing marketing industry, I wondered want the difference was between the telemarketing companies that charged $50 per lead and the ones that charged $100+.   It didn’t take me long to learn there was a right way of doing things and a wrong way. In talking to many contractors, I heard many stories of frustration over bad leads and the negative effects chasing unqualified leads had on a roofing business.   Here are a 5 easy ways to figure out if your call center is going to produce results, or will more than like cause you trouble.

Exclusive Leads
To me, buying leads that are set exclusively for one contractor is an absolute must. Companies like Service Magic (now Home Advisor) earn a fortune by selling the same lead to multiple contractors. While that’s a great business model for them, I’ve never understood why any roofing contractor would pay to compete directly with 4-5 other contractors trying to win the same deal.   Also, beware of call centers who sell leads under the table to multiple contractors.

100% Verified
We’ve all heard the saying “buyers are liars” and this is especially true in the roofing industry. Many times a homeowner will say “yes” just to get rid of a telemarketer or canvasser then later run, duck, no-show, or deny they set the “appointment.   Second step verification is a great way for marketers to cement the appointment and give wishy-washy homeowners an easy out. But once a homeowner has committed a second time through a simple verification step, chances are they will be their when your salesperson arrives.

Zone In
One of the biggest scams I’ve heard of recently are hail and storm damage telemarketers who call zip codes, instead of areas. This is a great deal for the telemarketing company who can offer contractors cheap leads by calling outside of the heaviest hit areas on the map.   If you are hiring a telemarketing or canvassing team make sure they are using a good hail map and KMZ file to target the areas with actual damage instead of delivering weak leads working around the storm.

Made in the USA
The other day I was contacted by a construction marketing company based in “California”. After questioning the salesperson, I learned the actual work was done in the Philippines.   The trouble with outsourcing your marketing overseas is that the leads, and customer service is are often poor quality. That said, most of the roofing contractors I know have tried stuff like this at one time or another, but most have found that spending a few extra dollars upfront on a US based marketing company pays a much higher return on investment. Regardless of where you are from, invest in giving your company a local feel and it will pay you back in spades.

Service Please
Do you ever long for the days when the “customer” was king? Now days many companies act like they are doing you a favor by providing even the most basic customer service. But, when it comes to your marketing, beware. To get a good return on investment, it’s important that you have clear and open lines of communication with your service provider.   When it comes to good customer service, you deserve it!