• Earn Storm911 Credit Bucks by Referring a Friend

    Know someone in need of a some of the Storm911 suite of services that include
    • Answering Service
    • Solar Appointments
    • Website and Social Media Monitoring
    • Answering Services with Customer Support
    • Storm Damage Appointments
    • Roof Wash Appointments
    • Retail Roofing appointments

  • Want to earn Storm911 Credit Bucks for spreading the word about our services?

    Simply fill out the referral form and we will contact the business or individual in need of our services. You will receive a credit if your referral signs up within three months (90 days) for the Storm911 services.

How It Works

When you refer someone to AssureCall – Storm911 and they become a new customer, we will apply the Storm911 Credit Bucks to your account equal to the new accounts monthly base rate for the Answering Services or Storm911 Appointment Rates, up to $250. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a customer and thinking enough of us to refer us to someone that you know.

You are then eligible for Storm911 Credit Bucks on your account equal to the monthly base rate they sign up for. The Storm911 Credit Bucks is applied to your account once we have received payment in full for the first full month’s invoice of the referred party – typically 45-60 days after start of service. If the referred customer cancels before that time or fails to pay, no Storm911 Credit Bucks will be applied. Maximum credit is $250 per new customer.

Experience the Power of AssureCall-Storm911:

  • Our diverse clientele spans small business owners, skilled contractors, esteemed professionals in healthcare and law, IT experts, real estate moguls, marketing mavens, hospitality leaders, and financial wizards. Many of them discovered us through word of mouth, intrigued by the success stories shared by friends, colleagues, and fellow organization members. Join us in revolutionizing small business operations and empowering entrepreneurs. Refer your network to AssureCall – Storm911 and unlock a world of rewards!

Who Would You Like To Refer?

    Refer a new client. Receive Storm911 Credit Bucks!