Dear Sales Rep,

The most successful Sales Representatives are those who are not only efficient, but excellent salespeople. The key is to be effective in both areas. After all, you won’t have the opportunity to demonstrate your time management skills unless you get the opportunity to do the job.

As an investment into your future Storm911 is bringing you the Sell The Job sales manual written by Joe Radcliff and was the industry’s first publication on how to be successful in this industry. The Sell The Job sales manual is designed to assist you in becoming even more successful in your role as a Sales Representative. Just by reading this guide and following the simple step-by-step approach to enhancing your sales techniques, you will realize your greatest potential for success in this industry.

Each appointment Storm911 makes for you and every sales presentation you give is your opportunity to achieve your dreams of success. At Storm911 we are committed to helping you achieve your goals, just as we have helped hundreds of Sales Representatives across the country achieve theirs.

Sell The Job has consolidated the key steps for selling success in this guide. Your success will be a reflection of the time you spend mastering these steps and applying them toward your future presentations to homeowners.


Hone your “people” skills so you can effectively apply the information contained in the Sales Procedure Manual easily and effortlessly.

Follow the information contained in the Sales Procedure Manual for every appointment.

Ensure your potential customers understand and agree with every point you are making during a presentation. Encourage them to ask questions.

Don’t take shortcuts to speed up the sales process, even if it seems like the sale, is a sure thing.

Successful selling skills cannot be attained overnight. It will take an ongoing commitment from you to use the Sales Procedure Manual throughout your career with us, so every opportunity turns into a successful project for you and the company.

Thank you for your dedication to enhancing your sales ability. I wish you much success in the future.


Joe Radcliff, CEO


Sell The Job

Sell The Job

Are you tired of watching other salespeople earn big paychecks while you struggle to survive? What makes the difference? Is it just luck or is it YOU? Sell The Job demonstrates, step-by-step, how ANY salesperson, regardless of their experience, can earn an extraordinary income and build the life of their dreams.

In Sell The Job, Joe Radcliff reveals his time-tested secrets of sales success that have helped him, and others, earn millions. Whether you are a salesperson, sales manager or a contractor Sell The Job is a powerful step-by-step guide to increasing sales and profits. By following these proven systems and processes salespeople now have a road map for navigating sales success.