5 Surefire Ways to Get More Bang for Your Marketing Buck

Roofing contractors often ask me how they can get the most bang for their marketing budget? Here are the top things that we’ve discovered over the years that help storm restoration contractors get more “bang” for their marketing dollar.

Work Smarter

Instead of doing everything the hard way, it’s wise to step out of the dark ages and keep up with the times. Invest in CRM, mobile technology, hail maps, and other tools that make it easy to keep your whole team motivated, accountable and on the same page. Every year contractors loose countless dollars wasting time when they could be using that time to make more money.

Prime the Pump

Whether you buy leads from a telemarketing company, online or generate leads through canvassing, it’s important to help your salespeople succeed. Sometimes just providing a few leads a day can make all the difference between salespeople who are highly motivated and those who struggle to get out of the truck.

Knock Doors

For contractors who buy leads or advertisements, encourage your salespeople to knock at least 6-8 homes immediately around each appointment. Having an appointment with a neighbor provides familiarity and credibility. Here’s a sample approach: “Hi, I’m David with XYZ Roofing Company. I was just doing a roof inspection for one of our customers Debbie Sloan across the street (point at Debbie’s house) and wanted to stop by and make sure your roof is okay. It will just take a quick minute for me to jump up and make sure you don’t have any damage…”

Ask for Referrals

People love giving referrals, especially for a job well done. Vivax Pro Painting in Denver Colorado is a great example of a company built through referrals from “raving fan customers”. Just talk to anyone who has had their home painted by Vivax and they will rave about their great experience. The same concept works great in roofing too. When people are looking for a roofer, they’ll ask their friends. Make sure to let your customers know you always appreciate referrals.

Customers for Life

A few years ago I talked to the CEO of a family owned roofing company that had done over 30,000 roofs in a hail prone metro area. They were having marketing issues and I asked what they did for their existing customers when hail hit? “Well, nothing” the CEO replied. “Are You Crazy”, I exclaimed! The CEO was sitting on a potential gold mine of future business simply by taking care of the customers his company had already served in the past. Now days, with address monitoring technology, it’s super easy to keep track of your customers. When they get hit by hail, give them a call. That’s low hanging fruit that no contractor should miss..