Storm911 Customer Success Stories!

At Storm 911 we are super proud of the many contractors we help every year and their incredible success stories. When contractors first call us, many of them have been around the block with marketing that doesn’t work. So, when we receive testimonials from our many “raving fans” we like to share them with the world. Here are just a few. Check out our homepage at for more raving fan contractors who are thrilled with their positive results!

“Storm 911 has been the “magic bullet for our sales team”, writes Trent Wood with 1st Choice Contractors. “We’ve tried a number of other service provider and you guys are the best!”

Corey Johansen writes “I sold the very first appointment you set for me AND the second! From there, we’ve been impressed with the quality of the leads and have been very happy with the number of sold deals. Storm 911 is a VERY good investment overall”

“Storm 911 is a company you can count on” says Jimmy Kramer. “Whether you need solid leads or just good advice on how to run a more profitable and successful roofing business Storm 911 is my go-to company.

Paul Martin uses Storm 911 in addition to door-to-door canvassing. Paul says, priming the sales pump with telemarketing appointments makes all the difference for his successful storm sales team “The combination of telemarketing leads and our sales guys following up with canvassing has been a real winner this year.”

At Storm 911 we strive to stand out as leaders in storm damage marketing and to building a library of success stories, one contractor at a time!